Sussex tri - everyone's a winner!

by Stephen Searby

Olly and I decided at the last minute to grab this friendly end of season event set in the grounds of Ashburton estate. In Olly's case is was really last minute with him sauntering up to registration 15 minutes after it was due to close but he worked his charm.

Club members who have done this before will know that the event has a huge grassed transition  and a big swimming area. The downsides are a lumpy and in some places twisting ride and a tough run over rough ground. We did the sprint but there was also standard and HIM taking place at the same time. You had to feel for the halfers who had 4 laps to do and who got passed by all the sprint and standard competitors out on the bike.

The race started at a civilised hour and I surprised myself by emerging out of the water near the front of the field (must be that new wetsuit). Olly unfortunately choose a swim route via some heavy water borne vegetation. Both were fast on the bike and held our own on the run. The real bonus was that as they were giving prizes to all the age groups we both went home with a trophy
Would I do it again? Probably, but as a fair weather triathlete i would be keeping my eye on the weather forecast and leaving my entry until the last minute.

Results are here