Marshman Half-Ironman 2017

Report from Georgie Butler:

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, wait – it’s just 7Oaks Tri dominating the awards ceremony at Marshman 70.3.

In completely contrasting conditions to last year, as thunder and lightning were replaced with blue skies and sun, eight 7Oaks Tri members took part in the habitual middle distance race near Rye last Sunday. The lake was a (dubious) eighteen degrees for the ‘M’ shaped swim, and that temperature followed onto the “one-hill-only” (I have a Strava graph that says otherwise) bike course  and rural run route.

It might have been a scorcher, some of us might have been let down by sun cream, and some of us might have forgotten to register for alternate races, but for 7Oaks Tri it was a finish of champions. Eton Dorney’s loss was definitely our gain as Sam Begg held his title and once again finished victorious by crossing the finish line first. Not too far behind was Chris Palmer, winning his age group and coming an overall fifth. Val came third lady after a fight to the finish between her and Sal, where an unfortunate wrong turn led Sally to overrun the half-marathon – and yet still win her age group! Claire managed to stay on her bike this year and complete the course to also win her age group, a trend which showed no sign in stopping as Lou not only half-ironman PB’d, but won her first age group trophy as well!

If you haven’t seen the pictures, just imagine a bunch of 7Oaks Tri members holding all the trophies.

Congratulations, everyone!

And also super thanks to Andy, for riding all the way out there to take photos, shout some very welcome encouragement and offer an uplifting smiley-face, and to Ness, for lending out Caravanessa for the before and after parties!