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Estonia 1:1:1

Val Place and Debbie Munton moved into new territory by participating in a 1:1;1 race in Estonia on 1st August. This was a 1K swim, 100K bike and a 10K run. The race was in Otepaai, a 2 hour drive south from Tallin and organised by the well known Estonian Ironman Triathlete Ain Alar Johansen

Race day was very civilised with an 11am start but the weather was hot and humid ( the hottest summer for 100 years)

Owler Triathlon

On August 3rd 2014, Julie Rose Stadium Ashford was the location of the second Owler Triathlon. This year there were several events on the same day. Three Triathlons - Full and half ironman distance and a Sprint. Two Aquabikes (swim/bike) - full and half iron distance. I was doing the half ironman triathlon as my second middle distance race this year. Clive Bradburn took on the half ironman aquabike. After competing in the world championships in Hyde Park last year, Clive has had to back off the running because of knee problems, so the aquabike was ideal for him.

Ironman Kalmar - cobbles and cannons

I was at Ironman Kalmar on Saturday to support my wife who was doing her first Ironman race but I managed to leave my four kids in the hotel and joined in too.

I managed a 10.25.02 primarily on the back of my Ironman Lanzarote training as my feet had been injured for a month after that so my running had been curtailed.

1.14 swim
5.17 bike
3.45 run

21st in M45-49 age group so relatively better performance than Lanzarote (31st) but still way off the Hawaii pace - 5 slots in M45-49 and 5th fastest was 9.41 so sadly no time off work needed in October.

Shirkers ride 22 August

Shirkers Ride - Friday 22 August

Weather look good so it's on. Meet at Seal Rec at 9.00 (NOT 9.30), Godden Green at 9.05 and via Carters Hill descent, Chaser Inn at 9.25. Route to be decided but will include traditional cafe stop. Should be back in the Sevenoaks area by 12.30. Expected average pace - 16 mph.

Swim sets for 19, 20, 22 and 24 August

Are here.

Please note that Tom will be missing from the pool every other Sunday. His first Sunday off will be this Sunday 24 August. If you have any queries please speak to swim rep David Lawson or a member of the committee.

Tom's thoughts and aims with the swimming programme - August 2014 up to race season 2015

Aberfeldy Middle Distance - British and Scottish Championships on 17 August

I was looking forward to spectacular scenery and feared treacherous weather conditions – and got both in spades. Aberfeldy , is surrounded by the type of lakes, trees, rivers and mountains you see in Whiskey ads – because it is Whiskey country. A reason for my husband to drive us there. I’m tempted to just lift the winner’s blog to share that we all had the same fears. The swim started in rain  - Loch Tay was a cold 14 degrees – and winds caused huge swells blowing many of us off course – only to turn at a buoy and the sun teased us by coming out to block any siting.

Q10/18 TT (Polhill) results 14 August

Only thirteen riders. The heavy rain during early afternoon (which cleared up in time for the TT) probably put a few off and some I'm sure were on holiday. Only five 7oaks riders although this can also be partly explained by 7oaks providing 12 marshals/timekeepers to ensure the event was run as safely as possible for all the riders.

Scores on the night - Sydenham 38, GS Avanti 13 and 7oaks Tri 7 

Scores with just 4 more events to go - Sydenham - 431, 7oaks Tri 429 and GS Avanti 241.

IM Germany - Tim Grinsted

Having sworn blind after Ironman Germany, that was it, four years later I was on the start line at Roth. I had had 30 minutes sleep the night before as my hotel's brochure had failed to mention it had a bar that encouraged lock ins for local crooners.

Shirkers Ride 15 August

Is on!

Note earlier start time of 9.00 at Seal Rec, 9.05 at Godden Green and 9.30 at Chaser Inn. No cafe stop this week and back in Sevenoaks by 12.00. Approx average pace 16mph. Route to be decided.

Q10/25 2-up results from 7 August

Points on the night - Sydenham Wheelers 58, 7oaks Tri 42 and GS Avanti 16.

Overall points - 7oaks Tri 422, Sydenham Wheelers 393 and GS Avanti 228.


SCCU 100 mile TT - Charlie Ingram

I did my second ever TT on Sunday. The first one was a test run of 10 miles at the Hop Farm. Sunday was the SCCU 100 mile TT, course changes due to road works made this a hilly course, 1200m of elevation according to my Garmin. I managed 4:18:34 (23.2 mph) and came 13th, never experienced pain or fatigue like it and cracked badly in the last 25, shown by the splits, 1:02, 1:02, 1:03, 1:10. Really enjoyed the day and my first experience of a 100 TT, looking forward to others in 2015. Thanks to Martin Brown for the loan of a 7Oaks Tri Club skin suit to ride in.



Mid season get together

At the Rose and Crown Pub in Dunton Green after the time trial on Thursday 24 July. All club members are welcome and the first round is on the club.

Bexhill Lions Triathlon & Duathlon 2014 13 July

The day started dull and drizzly but soon the sun had transformed the location into a dazzling sunny empire of talent , perspiration and determination. A triatlon in the sea with some interesting undercurrents, which nothing in the pool can prepare you for. Not sure the day trippers who flocked down to the seaside knew what was in store as they arrived at the seafront, still it made those on the bike leg of the event wide awake often wizzing past the cars with marshalls trying to holdback pedestrians at the zebra crossings. 

Shirkers ride 18 July

Meet at Seal rec 9.30, Godden Green 9.35 and Chaser 10.00. Route to be decided but expected pace 15-16 mph average and out for at least 3 hours with cafe stop included.

Shirkers day out pictures

Another fantastic day out organised by Dave Lobley…

"Great day out thank you Dave. Your organisation worked immaculately despite our attempts (and P&O's) to scupper it. Sorry for those who had to get up early this morning!"


"Yet another wonderful day organised by you. Lumbres was an excellent choice to view the tour and the late lunch by the lake was delicious and great value.It was an added bonus to arrive in time for the last train home. Many thanks indeed for all you organisation, it was a fantastic day." Debbie