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Kent Fitness League Round 1 – Knole Park

Almost perfect weather together with “good to soft” conditions underfoot greeted over 400 runners for the first round of the  Kent Fitness League cross country on Sunday in Knole park on Sunday,

Glenda does Kona

I was lucky enough to qualify for the World Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii by winning my age group in Ironman Nice back in June. This is the race that every long distance triathlete has on their bucket list as it's where it all started and is legendary for the experience they give all the participants. I always said I would never go as it's everything I hate - a no wetsuit sea swim, hot and windy on the bike and hot and humid on the run.

Swim The Island Series Spotorno Italy

This swim event was held in the town of Spotorno 25 miles East of Genoa close to the French border. The 6k swim involved swimming around a small island ( unsurprisingly ) and then a long swim parallel with the shore and back. The start was the usual washing machine scenario 245 swimmers running into the sea aiming for the first buoy. The water was very clear and is in fact part of a marine park. 21 degrees C water temperature so no issues there.

Catford Hill Climb 2014

Cath and Andrew Linney, Bethan Jones and myself took on this most amazing event.  This year the weather was kind, warm and dry so perfect conditions for a 3 minute lung bursting, leg burning sprint up Yorks Hill.  It was my second time doing this race and my only goal was to beat last year's time. I'm still considering whether a 0.2 second improvement is a valid pb. (Sam Bennett)

Bethan Jones was the fastest lady vet. up the hill in 2.54.8. Well done! 

Awards Dinner Tickets Available NOW!

Awards Dinner 2014

 What - Hoedown/Barn Dance.

When - November 15th from 7pm

Why - Awards and Xmas celebration.

Wear - cowboy boots /jeans /country and western clothing/Stetson /chaps anything cowboy/girl

How much - £20 per person.
Including all food and drinks!!!

Barcelona triathlon

Raced sprint distance today and represents a big improvement (by 9 minutes!) over last year and an improvement of health during the last year. Not sure about position overall but will update as soon as possible. Finishing time was 1 hour 11 minutes. Swim was hilarious with a good size swell. Bike felt strong and draft legal tri bars definately helped on the bike on the straights (would recommend these if anyone doing sprint worlds next year in Chicago - I believe it may be draft legal). Early morning storm blown away which left very sunny, warm race conditions.

Marcus Smith

Shirkers Ride 10 October

Penny leads from Seal Rec at 9.00 and will be back by 12.00. 

Club Hill Climb Photos

Are here

Thanks to Yon Marsh who managed to get everyone plus a couple of infiltrators now banished to the bin. What a cheeky chappie that Olly is and it looks to me as if Jane and Mike are in a "proper race" after all!

Shirkers Ride 3 October

Meet at Seal Rec at 9.00, Godden Green 9.05 and Chaser Inn 9.30. Route to be decided but pace expected to be around 16 mph and a Cafe stop of 30 mins will probably be included. Should be back in the Sevenoaks area by 12 - 12.30. Neil leads.

Human Race 3k Open Water Swim at Poole Dorset

I competed in the Human Race 3k Open Water Swim at Poole Dorset. I would like to say that it was very rough but despite that I battled through and had a fantastic time. It was like a mill pond a fantastic opportunity for a good time.
Having made the decision to go out fast I received the inevitable kick in the head and the odd elbow in the ribs. It paid dividends though as once the super fast group shot off I had a bit of open water - great. 4 laps 750m per lap.

Shirkers Ride 26 September

Is on. Meet at Seal Rec at 9.00. Penny leads and plans to be back by 12.00. 

Club TT Champs 2014

Congratulations to Dan Goscomb and Sally Mortleman who are the champions for 2014. Dan scored 58 points from his best 6 events while Sally managed 60 from her best 6.