4 up TTT Results - Q15/20 Leeds/Charing/Leeds

It all hinged on this event to find out who this years Inter Club winners were as before we kicked off 7oaks only had a 10 point lead over Sydenham. With 7oaks and Sydenham both fielding 4 teams it was anyones guess as to who the eventual winners would be. As it turned out Sydenham had the fastest team on the day but couldn't score enough points to retake the lead and 7oaks retained the trophy for the fifth successive year by just 2 points. The 20 riders 7oaks had out on the A21 the week before certainly played a big part in ensuring the trophy remained in the Chairman's cabinet for another 12 months. Congratulations to Sydenham for making a great challenge this year but us triathletes are no pushovers you know!

7oaks Tri - 606

Sydenham Wheelers - 604

GS Avanti - 322 

Thanks to everyone who has supported the TT's during 2014, riders, marshals and other helpers alike. Today special thanks to Sally Mortleman, Janice Bailey and Richard Campin for marshalling at the roundabout, Elliott for starting the riders and Tony and Lynn LaMoury for organising the refreshments. Lynn's hot sausage rolls went down a treat although our third team home was under special observation to ensure they didn't consume too many.

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers
1Jon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers
1Matt MilesSydenham Wheelers
1Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers34:0640
2Dan Goscomb7oaks Tri10
2Neil McInerney7oaks Tri10
2Anthony Sizer7oaks Tri10
2Andy Ten Broeke7oaks Tri34:391036
3Richard HillSydenham Wheelers
3Matt LucasSydenham Wheelers
3Pete MahoneySydenham Wheelers
3Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers35:5232
4Sam Bennett7oaks Tri9
4Peter Conway7oaks Tri9
4Olly Hatfield7oaks Tri9
4Stephen Searby7oaks Tri37:04928
5Chris DinesGS Avanti
5Bill FitzgeraldGS Avanti
5Shaun McKeownGS Avanti
5Steve RodgersGS Avanti37:3824
6Andy Evans7oaks Tri8
6Jon Hollidge7oaks Tri8
6Alan Lewis7oaks Tri8
6Charlie Mortleman7oaks Tri39:17820
7Kevin BeamentSydenham Wheelers
7Luke EvansSydenham Wheelers
7Pete HarborSydenham Wheelers
7Gary SmithSydenham Wheelers39:5816
8Paul DelicataSydenham Wheelers
8Andy FruinSydenham Wheelers
8Ed RieuSydenham Wheelers
8Derek TaylorSydenham Wheelers40:2112
9Duncan Cochrane7oaks Tri7
9Tony LaMoury7oaks Tri7
9Dave Lobley7oaks Tri7
9Val Place (w)7oaks Tri40:44108
10Paul AllenGS Avanti
10Dave BettinsonGS Avanti
10David SmithGS Avanti
10Ian SoperGS Avanti42:434