7Oaks Tri retains Inter Club Trophy and wins the 4-up TTT - 12/9/15 (PHOTOS ADDED)

Desite earlier on in the season Sydenham having a healthy lead and latterly GS Avanti looking uncatchable, 7Oaks put in a great last minute surge supported by the club's top riders and romped home in the 4-up TTT on a rainy A20. Andy Ten-Broeke, Martin Brown, Chris Hansen and Neil McInerney were the fastest on the day beating Sydenham by just 19 seconds. Third team home was also 7Oaks with Steve Walker, Neil Harris, Sam Begg and Dan Goscomb just 25 seconds behind Sydenham.

Going into the event GS Avanti had a 4 point lead and organiser Chris Dines did a brilliant job in managing to field eight teams in a brave bid to secure the Inter Club trophy for the first time. The six teams from 7Oaks had the quality however to see off the challenge and secure enough points to keep the trophy for a sixth successive season. Clear a space on your kitchen dresser Debbie, it's coming home!

Scores on the day - 7Oaks Tri 128, GS Avanti 76 and Sydenham 36.

Overall scores for the season - 7Oaks Tri 610, GS Avanti 562 and Sydenham Wheelers 483

Thanks to GS Avanti and Sydenham for the competition provided this season and ensuring interest was maintained right up until the last day.

In the club championship congratulations go to Chris Hansen and Jo Stephens Smith who scored 60 and 57 points respectively from their top six events.

Jo Stephens Smith - 57, Val Place - 54 and Janice Bailey - 53.

Chris Hansen - 60, Neil McInerney - 59, Martin Brown - 53, Steve Walker - 49, Stephen Searby - 44, Andy Evans - 43, Sam Bennett - 43, Peter Conway - 36, Duncan Cochrane - 31 and Yon Marsh - 17.

Full points can be seen here

Thanks as always to the helpers on the day - Katrina Turner, Janice Bailey, Alan Lewis, son Tom and Tony Lamoury. Thanks also to Tony for his work before and throughout the season to ensure everything ran smoothly. 


Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Andy Ten-Broeke10
1Martin Brown10
1Chris Hansen10
1Neil McInerney7Oaks Tri33:141040
2Mark Newton
2Richard Birtwhistle
2Jon Coulson
2David TwinSydenham Wheelers33:3336
3Steve Walker9
3Neil Harris9
3Sam Begg9
3Dan Goscomb7Oaks Tri33:58932
4Lee Staples
4Sam Dorkings
4Paul Vine
4Steve WandGS Avanti34:2828
5Stephen Searby8
5Olly Hatfield8
5James Bulley8
5Sam Bennett7Oaks Tri36:04824
6Steve Rodgers
6Chris Dines
6Ed Davenport
6Seb NewbonGS Avanti37:4220
7Mike Turner7
7Jon Hollidge7
7Andy Evans7
7Peter Conway7Oaks Tri38:45716
8Jo Stephens-Smith (W)10
8Sally Mortleman (W)10
8Dave Lobley6
8Duncan Cochrane7Oaks Tri38:59612
9Johnnie Owen
9James Richards
9Glen Stone
9Guy McLaughlinGS Avanti39:478
10Patrick Norman
10Lee Powell
10Simon Lumsdon
10Russ KeartonGS Avanti40:464
11Val Place (W)9
11Nick Anderton5
11Sean Kelly5
11Yon Marsh7Oaks Tri41:2254
12Paul Allen
12Rob Grunfeld
12Dan Cottingham
12B J ChongGS Avanti41:304
13Ian Soper
13Hugh Morten
13Alan Else
13Roy SmithGS Avanti42:234
14Marek Sasura
14Alan Jarrett
14Tony LeVey4
14Colin BiggsGS Avanti42:37
15Dave Bettinson
15Dave McManus
15Peter Raithby
15Dave SmithGS Avanti46:224