Brands Hatch Q10/27 May 19th Sydenham

Sorry for the delay in posting. Sydenham had some issues to resolve before finalising and these are still provisional.

7OaksTri has extended the lead in the interclub competition. We now have 161 points to Sydenham's 103 and GS Avant's 102.

Really strong showing from 7OaksTri. Congratulations to those registering their first ever time for a 10 mile TT. This week's event is on the East Peckham course which is usually faster, so another PB then!


Results Table: 
RiderClubTime Points
1Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers23.2610
2Sam Begg7 Oaks Tri23.329
3Sam DorkingsGS Avanti23.538
4Richard TullySydenham Wheelers24.147
5Andy Ten-Broeke7 Oaks Tri24.286
6David EmeryGS Avanti24.375
7Neil McInerney7 Oaks Tri24.544
8Dan PinkGS Avanti25.093
=9Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers25.152
=9Lee StaplesGS Avanti25.152
11Sam Bennett7 Oaks Tri25.391
12Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers26.081
=13Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri26.231
=13Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti26.231
15Richard WilsonGS Avanti26.371
16Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers26.441
17Pete MahoneySydenham Wheelers26.501
18Tom Roff7 Oaks Tri27.101
19Lizzy Brama (W)Sydenham Wheelers27.141
20Marek SasuraGS Avanti27.281
21Sam Glover7 Oaks Tri27.351
22Milt Ives7 Oaks Tri28.061
23Simon HeatonGS Avanti28.151
24Pete Conway7 Oaks Tri28.171
25Chris DinesGS Avanti28.391
26Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri28.581
27Jo McRae (W)Sydenham Wheelers29.011
28Val Place (W)7 Oaks Tri30.071
29Alan JarrottGS Avanti30.091
30Phil HookwayGS Avanti30.541
31Glenda Goscombe (W)7 Oaks Tri32.451
32Gabriella Mladenova (W)7 Oaks Tri34.301
33Ella Pyman (W)7 Oaks Tri34.411
34Dave BettisonGS Avanti35.061
35Georgina Butler (W)7 Oaks Tri38.101


Andy Evans's picture
Andy Evans

Please note that due to safety concerns, the course was changed back to a very old version (Q10/27) where the start is much further back towards Farningham in the first large layby. Consquently the finish is now also on the main road on the otherside not far from the start.

It was a windy evening with a head wind going out up to the roundabout.

I reckon that Q10/27 is about 2 minutes slower than Q10/26.