Inter Club TT Q10/19 Tonbridge 6 May 2017 FINAL!

On a gusty day 7OaksTri members took 6 out of the top 10 in the inter club TT race on the fast Q10/19 Tonbridge by pass course. Sam Begg won overall posting 21:01 which is extremely impressive as the conditions meant most were at least 30s off their best.

There were some timing difficulties on the day. These are now final. Some inconsistencies in the timing have been resolved.

The strong showing means 7OaksTri has moved into a narrow lead in the Inter Club Competition:

7OaksTri 88, GSA 80, Sydenham 48.

The next event is on Saturday at 3:00pm in Grain. 7Oaks Tri is the organiser. This is probably the most beginner friendly course on the calendar. Flat as a pancake and very little traffic. It's only a 50 min drive.

Results Table: 
1Sam Begg7 Oaks Tri21.01
2Martin Brown7 Oaks Tri22.15
3Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers22.22
4Stephen Searby7 Oaks Tri22.23
5Sam DorkingsGS Avanti22.24
6Neil McInerney7 Oaks Tri22.26
7Sam Bennett7 Oaks Tri22.42
8Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti23.21
9Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri23.24
10Lizzy Brama (W)Sydenham Wheelers23.28
=11Dan PinkGS Avanti23.42
=11Maraek SasuraGS Avanti23.42
13David TwinSydenham Wheelers23.51
14Steve RodgersGS Avanti24.00
15Neal Watson7 Oaks Tri24.18
16Kevin BeamentSydenham Wheelers24.29
17Simon HeatonGS Avanti24.30
18Paul WhiteGS Avanti24.44
19Jo McRae (W)Sydenham Wheelers25.00
20Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti25.01
21Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri25.18
22Alan JarrettGS Avanti25.24
23Jo Stephens Smith (W)GS Avanti25.26
25Chris DinesGS Avanti25.58
26Val Place (W)7 Oaks Tri27.14
24Claire Edwards (W)7 Oaks Tri27.45
27Dave BettisonGS Avanti28.58