Inter Club TT Results Grain Q10/25 13 May 2017

Sam and Chris scorched the fast Grain course on a very windy day. Surprising, it's never windy there !?

Together with Sam Glover they kept the 7OaksTri score high, despite us losing riders as we were organising the event. Latest totals are 7Oaks 108, GSA, 97, Sydenham 75.

Thanks Tony and the marshals for running the event.

Next event is on Thursday 18 May at Brands Hatch Q10/26 starting at 19:15. You'll need to be there 30 mins early to register, get warmed up and be ready. Don't forget, rear lights are compulsory. No light, no ride.

Results Table: 
00:05:00Sam Begg7OaksTri00:27:0500:22:05110
00:09:00Chris Hansen7OaksTri00:31:1500:22:1529
00:14:00Mark NewtonSyd00:36:4000:22:4038
00:15:00Sam DorkingsGSA00:37:5900:22:5947
00:18:00Jonathan CoulsonSyd00:41:1400:23:1456
00:10:00Richard BirtwhistleSyd00:33:3300:23:3365
00:16:00Steve RodgersGSA00:39:3800:23:3874
00:03:00Peter MahoneySyd00:26:5900:23:5983
00:19:00Marek SasuraGSA00:43:0600:24:0692
00:06:00David TwinSyd00:30:3500:24:35101
00:07:00Mark BishopGSA00:31:3900:24:39111
00:08:00Sam Glover7OaksTri00:33:2800:25:28121
00:13:00Rob RoystonSyd00:38:3500:25:35131
00:04:00Jo MacRaeSyd00:29:4400:25:44141
00:12:00Hamish BrownGSA00:38:0100:26:01151
00:11:00Paul BellamySyd00:37:1100:26:11161
00:17:00Dave BettinsonGSA00:47:1300:30:13171
00:02:00Dave MulfordSyd00:35:4100:33:41181
00:01:00Janice BaileyGSA00:35:2400:34:24191