Q10/18 Polhill Results - 30 July

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers22:5710
2Paul VineGS Avanti22:589
3Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers23:048
4Lee StaplesGS Avanti23:157
5Kevin GrimshawGS Avanti23:186
6Sam DorkingsGS Avanti23:315
7Neil McInerney7Oaks Tri23:44104
8Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers23:593
8Daniel McDermottGS Avanti23:593
10Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers24:171
11Dan PinkGS Avanti24:301
12Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti24:311
13Andy Evans7Oaks Tri25:0291
14Chris Hansen7Oaks Tri25:2781
15Chris DinesGS Avanti25:391
16Sam Glover7Oaks Tri25:4871
17Jo McRae (w)Sydenham Wheelers25:541
18Derek TaylorSydenham Wheelers25:591
19Andy BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers26:041
20Darren SquirrellGS Avanti26:071
21Doug BentallSydenham Wheelers26:201
22Paul AllenGS Avanti26:271
23Duncan Cochrane7Oaks Tri26:4361
24Daniel CottinghamGS Avanti26:441
25Martin DaveyGS Avanti26:531
26Simon LumsdonGS Avanti26:541
27Kevin BeamentSydenham Wheelers27:071
28Hamish BrownGS Avanti27:201
29Alan JarrettGS Avanti27:411
30Yon Marsh7Oaks Tri27:4851
31Claire Clarke (w)GS Avanti27:541
32Ben Bridges7Oaks Tri28:0841
33Phil HookwayGS Avanti28:571
34David SmithGS Avanti29:091
35Gordon McKaySydenham Wheelers29:161
36David BettinsonGS Avanti30:101
37David McManusGS Avanti30:141
38Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers32:271
39Janice Bailey (w)7Oaks Tri32:49101
40Bob LoaderSydenham Wheelers33:441
41Martin BrownDNS



Thanks to Katrina and Mike Turner, Val Place, Susan Freeburn, Allan McPherson, David Lobley, Neil McInerney, Jo Stephens Smith, Alethea Lowles and Tony LaMoury for helping run the event. 

Inter Club scores to date - GS Avanti 334, Sydenham Wheelers 333 and 7Oaks Tri 294

Next week is the 2 up team time trial and teams so far - Jo Stephens Smith/Mike Turner, Duncan Cochrane/Sam Glover, Val Place/Allan McPherson, Neil McInerney/Martin Brown and Katrina Turner/Neil Colvin.

Finally thanks to Bigfoot CC for allowing us to run this event in place of their own after a double booking of the course had been made. 


Add Sam Bennett/Stephen Searby plus possible Chris Hansen/ATB


Points should read - Sydenham 334, Avanti, 333 and 7Oaks 294


Add Tony LaMoury/Jon Hollidge