Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon another PB Shower

What a day! We had 12 runners out in perfect weather. This isn't a flat course. Fordcombe Hill always takes it's toll around the half way point. Paddock Wood should be better for PBs....and yet:

George, Georgie and Louise ran lifetime Half Marathon PBs. Andy and Val ran course PBs. And Sam ran 1:18 with a broken rib.

According to Strava: George and Georgie also PB'd at 10 miles, 15k and 20k. Georgie and Andy PB'd at 10k.

Those were just the ones I know about. If anyone else scored a course or lifetime PB let me know (clubcoach@7oakstriclub.co.uk) and I'll update this report.

Nice photos from the day. If you want to know what perfect running form looks like, check out Sam. Of course it's all spoiled by the vest....He'd look soooo much better in black and white.