Swim Plan for 2014

This is the plan I (Tom) devised at the start of the year, taking into account the club championship races chosen and the different distances that members may be focusing on. At the end of each cycle there will be a review process to determine the relative success or failure of the cycle, with changes being made for next season dependent upon this. 

Spint Distance 

Olympic Distance

Slight variations will be made to the sessions to take into account the target race of the member, for example, during the taper period there will be a reduction in load and intensity for those competing, whereas those that are targeting the next race will maintain the load and intensity. This should not cause disruption to session plans, members on taper will slow down, therefore drop back in the lane, and have reduced mileage, possibly completing sessions before the 60 or 90 mins mark, depending on the session.

If a member doesn't intend to compete in a club championship race again following their chosen race, then they will simply fit in with the sessions that are being prescribed for others that do have competition coming up. There will be fitness benefits to be gained from them completing these sets, and arguably if they are not racing again then their target will be to race next year. Unlike this year in which I have had a shorter period than I would have desired to get swimmers fit (because I placed more importance on the technical phase of my plan with the time I had available), I will have the whole of the close season in which to prepare for next season, in terms of technique and fitness, along with racing results to ascertain the success of this season's planning.

The plan for the middle distance race will follow shortly.


If you do have any questions please contact the swim rep David Lawson - swimrep@7oakstriclub.co.uk