Wetsuit Repairs Recommendation

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Should anyone ever need this a colleague just had a huge rip repaired in his wetsuit for an all in cost of £26 (inc postage to and from Cornwall) with these guys...


Feel free to add any recommendations (possibly more local) to this thread if you've had to do similar!

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Dave Truman
I have not had the need to use them personally, but I've heard the wetsuit shop in Dunton Green does a good job. Local too.
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Andy Evans
Yes, I've had mine repaired by 'All good fun' in Dunton green after another member recommended them. Excellent job, didn't cost much and they've been doing it for about 20 years: http://www.allgoodfun.com/repairs/15
please support all good fun as they repaired all the club wetsuits foc!
make sure you mention your from the club
Allgoodfun look like they have moved to Lancashire. Dave, what was the wetsuit repair place in Dunton Green called? I walked straight out of swimming and forgot the name! Any help appreciated to repair a brand new wetsuit!!
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Andy Evans
Thanks Will for the recommendation!
As AllGoodFun/Clydach Marine in Dunton green had a fire and moved, I used www.Techneopro.co.uk
The zip had torn the neoprene out at the top. Posted the suit off and got it back the following week. They had replaced the panel, glued and stitched in and re-stitched the zip in place. All for £25 including return postage.