Inter Club TT Results at East Peckham on 12 June

Another top turn out from 7oaks with 16 out of 31 riders.

A special mention to Janice Bailey for going under 30 mins for the first time for 10 miles. An excellent ride from Martin Brown in his build up to the 24 hour TT while Anthony Sizer continues to produce fast times on his road bike while his TT bike is temporarily out of action.

Next Thursday it's a completely different type of course - hilly and 21 miles. 

7oaks Tri - 195, Sydenham Wheelers - 160 and GS Avanti - 91

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Point
1Jonathan HarrisGS Avanti21.0410
2Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers21.499
3Rob WardGS Avanti22.148
4Martin Brown7 Oaks Tri22.15710
5Richard BirtwistleSydenham Wheelers22.326
6Anthony Sizer7 Oaks Tri22.4459
7Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers22.534
8Pete MahoneySydenham Wheelers23.203
9Neil Colvin7 Oaks Tri23.2828
10Sam Bennett7 Oaks Tri23.5017
11Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers24.011
12Rob MorfordGS Avanti24.051
13Stephen Seaby7 Oaks Tri24.1416
14Mike Turner7 Oaks Tri24.3115
15Chris DinesGS Avanti24.331
16Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti25.041
17Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti25.181
18Jon Hollidge7 Oaks Tri25.2014
19Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri25.2513
20Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri25.3312
21Val Place7 Oaks Tri25.49110
22Martin DaveyGS Avanti25.581
23John OwenGS Avanti26.091
24Dave SmithGS Avanti26.131
25Tony Lamoury7 Oaks Tri26.3411
26Paul AllenGS Avanti27.041
27Julian Ward7 Oaks tri27.5411
28Greg Morris7 Oaks Tri28.1411
29Janice Bailey7 Oaks Tri29.5719
30Katrina Turner7 Oaks Tri33.4018
31Sally Mortleman7 Oaks TriDNF