Q10/18 TT (Polhill) results 14 August

Only thirteen riders. The heavy rain during early afternoon (which cleared up in time for the TT) probably put a few off and some I'm sure were on holiday. Only five 7oaks riders although this can also be partly explained by 7oaks providing 12 marshals/timekeepers to ensure the event was run as safely as possible for all the riders.

Scores on the night - Sydenham 38, GS Avanti 13 and 7oaks Tri 7 

Scores with just 4 more events to go - Sydenham - 431, 7oaks Tri 429 and GS Avanti 241.

It's going to be a close finish and we're going to need as many as we can get to turn out for the remaining events to ensure we hold onto the inter club trophy for a 5th year. See you at Grain on Saturday afternoon, 23 August to regain our spot at the top of the table.

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Jon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers22:2710
2Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers22:369
3Richard Birtwhistle Sydenham Wheelers23:068
4Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers23:457
5Chris DinesGS Avanti24:496
5Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti24:496
7Richard HillSydenham Wheelers25:354
8Peter Conway7oaks Tri26:05103
9Glenda Goscomb (w)7oaks Tri27:48102
10David Lobley7oaks Tri28:4791
11David BettinsonGS Avanti29:201
12Janice Bailey (w)7oaks Tri31:5091
Duncan Cochrane7oaks TriPunctured