Swim sets for 19, 20, 22 and 24 August

Are here.

Please note that Tom will be missing from the pool every other Sunday. His first Sunday off will be this Sunday 24 August. If you have any queries please speak to swim rep David Lawson or a member of the committee.

Tom's thoughts and aims with the swimming programme - August 2014 up to race season 2015

One weekly dedicated drills session focusing on the drills I believe are required to bring about the most efficient swimming technique
One weekly dedicated kick set in order to help swimmers bring more balance into their stroke
One weekly aerobic session to maintain fitness levels for those still planning on racing at the back end of the season.
Upon the close of the season I will be looking to run the program with a focus on technique and drills, with little regard for swimming to be done at any speed. Having been with the team for the past eight months it is my belief that fitness is not the issue, but it is gaining a feel for the water and technical swimming that will elicit the biggest gains for those with an interest in completing to their highest potential. 
I plan to operate in this manner until the season restarts and swimming at pace is required, and hopefully being conducted more efficiently and faster than ever before by 7oaks triathletes. 
When the club is ready to look at the racing calendar for 2015 I would very much like to be a part of that process.