TT results from Grain - 23 August

Into a headwind going out but fast coming back unless you were held up by a tractor for a couple of miles like Sydenham's Jon Coulson. Thanks to Greg Morris, Jo Stephens Smith, Sam Bennett and Alex Colvin for assisting.

Scores on the day - 7oaks Tri 23, Sydenham 19 and GS Avanti 19.

Overall points with three events to go - 7oaks Tri 452, Sydenham 450 and GS Avanti 260. 



Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Jon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers24:3010
2Dan Goscomb7oaks Tri24:40109
3Steve RodgersGS Avanti25:218
4Sam Bennett7oaks Tri25:4397
5Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers25:516
6Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti25:595
7Jon Hollidge7oaks Tri26:2684
8Paul AllenGS Avanti26:383
9Richard HillSydenham Wheelers26:392
10Duncan Cochrane7oaks Tri27:2671
11Derek TaylorSydenham Wheelers27:371
12Val Place (w)7oaks Tri28:25101
13David SmithGS Avanti29:271
14Dave BettinsonGS Avanti30:381
15Ian SoperGS Avanti31:441
16Janice Bailey (w)7oaks Tri35:3691