#EncourageYourFriend at 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon

Entrants for the 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon on Sunday 5th July have been contacted today.  Whether this is their first time at our race or the fifth time they will be made very welcome.

We are very excited that in just over a week that over three quarters of the entry places available have now been filled and we anticipate the rest will be gone within another week.

These final entry places now give all of the entrants a unique opportunity to #EncourageYourFriend.  We asked the entrants - have you got a friend who is active but has never tried an event like this?  Have you got a friend who isn't quite as active but might enjoy an event where everyone is supportive no matter whether they are fast or slow?  Would your friend do the race if they had your encouragement and support?  Imagine being able to compare your finisher medals with your friend after the race and swapping stories about how it went for you both.

Take this opportunity to think of a friend who might be described above and have a chat with them about joining you on Sunday 5th July.  Then tell them to go to http://bit.ly/infoaqua for more information and to enter the event.

We will be promoting the #EncourageYourFriend hashtag on our Twitter page (www.twitter.com/7oakstriathlon) - if you have been successful in #EncourageYourFriend then please tell us.