Q10/29 East Peckham Results - 11th June 2015

Another good turnout and some great times from 7Oaks members. 

The third and final 10 on this course is on Thursday week.

Next Thursday it's the hilly 21!

Sydenham - 32, 7Oaks 31 and GS Avanti 15

Overall 157, 133 and 103.

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Ben WimporySydenham Wheelers21.4110
2Neil Harris7 Oaks Tri21.54109
3Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers22.088
4Chris Hansen7 Oaks Tri22.1997
5Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers22.366
6Sam DorkingsGS Avanti22.475
7Neil McInerney7 Oaks Tri 22.5784
8John Edwards.GS Avanti23.033
9Sam Begg7 Oaks Tri23.0572
10Paul VineGS Avanti23.161
11Ant Sizer7 Oaks Tri23.2961
12Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers23.301
13Steve RogersGS Avanti23.391
14Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers23.501
15Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers23.591
16Bill FitzgeraldGS Avanti24.111
17Stephen Searby7 Oaks tri24.1451
18Dan PinkGS Avanti24.201
19Andrew Evans7 Oaks Tri24.2741
20Paul AllenGS Avanti24.541
21Dave Lobley7 Oaks Tri25.1431
22Doug BentellSydenham Wheelers25.371
23Hamish BrownGS Avanti26.171
24Luke EvansSydenham Wheelers26.221
25Dan CottinghamGS Avanti26.251
26Jo McRaeSydenham Wheelers26.501
27Glenda Goscomb7 Oaks Tri27.02101
28Matthew Bee7 Oaks tri27.2121
29Yon Marsh7 Oaks Tri27.3811
30Dave Truman7 Oaks tri28.3411
31Tony Lamoury7 Oaks Tri29.1411
32Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers30.231
33Dan StopherSydenham Wheelers30.481