Hilly 21 Results - 29 August

Well done to the thirteen 7Oaks riders who rode and reduced the points deficit.

Scores on the day - 7Oaks 33, GS Avanti 29 and Sydenham Wheelers 9.

Overall position with 2 events to go - GS Avanti 463, 7Oaks Tri 445 and Sydenham Wheelers 402.

Next event - Saturday 5 September. Tonbridge by-pass, first rider off at 7.15.

Results Table: 
PositionRiderClubTimeClub PointsiClub Points
1Andy Ten-Broeke7Oaks Tri54:091010
2Jonathan HarrisGS Avanti54:359
3Paul VineGS Avanti55:138
4Dan PinkGS Avanti57:337
5Chris Hansen7Oaks Tri58:0096
6Martin Brown7Oaks Tri59:1785
7Jon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers1:00:294
8Mike Turner7Oaks Tri1:02:5273
9Steve RodgersGS Avanti1:03:402
10Andy Evans7Oaks Tri1:03:4661
11Peter Conway7Oaks Tri1:04:0151
12Simon ClarkeGS Avanti1:05:561
13Richard HillSydenham Wheelers1:06:131
14Charlie Mortleman7Oaks Tri1:06:2641
15Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers1:06:501
16Patrick NormanGS Avanti1:06:511
17Jo McRae (w)Sydenham Wheelers1:07:361
18Duncan Cochrane7Oaks Tri1:08:1731
19Alan Lewis 7Oaks Tri1:08:4921
20Phil Kitto7Oaks Tri1:09:1311
21Nick Anderton7Oaks Tri1:10:1711
22Claire Clarke (w)GS Avanti1:12:031
23Ben Bridges7Oaks Tri1:13:0511
24Val Place (w)7Oaks Tri1:15:52101
25Gordon McKaySydenham Wheelers1:19:091
26Daniel StopherSydenham Wheelers1:26:211
27Chris MulfordSydenham WheelersDNF
28Richard BirtwhistleSydenham WheelersDNF


Andy Evans's picture
Andy Evans

Congratulations to Andy Top-Banana on an awesome performance to beat Jon Harris!

Please also see an item I've posted on the forum regarding balancing of ultra light wheels.