Thursday Night Turbo Training Sessions With Paul Butler From PB Cycle Coaching

Dear All

I am pleased to inform you that they’ve only gone and invited me back again!

Yes, starting on 5th November I’ll be delivering a second winter of turbo training classes at the Methodist Church on The Drive in Sevenoaks every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

You will either need your own turbo trainer or you can reserve a club one by emailing me in advance on a first come first served basis.  You will also need a heart rate monitor which records average heart rate or a power meter.  Lastly, please bring drinks, a towel and something to protect the floor if you are likely to perspire to that degree.

So what are these sessions all about?

  1. To test yourself to establish your heart rate or power training zones.
  2. To understand how to calculate your zones and the benefits of training in each zone.
  3. To learn and experience various sessions so that you can apply the ones that are most specific to your type of event to the rest of your training.
  4. To create an environment where you’ll be more motivated than training alone and therefore push yourselves harder.

Each session will begin with a warm-up and end with some stretching and I’ll be talking about various aspects of training throughout the weeks to give you plenty of tools to become better cyclists and therefore triathletes.

This side of Christmas we’ll focus on:

  • Getting you back into structured training (ok I mean training hard!).
  • A test to establish training zones – a date to be agreed between weeks 2 and 4.
  • Sessions to give you the experience of following workouts in each training zone.

In the New Year we will:

  • Build on the first term, making the sessions gradually more challenging as your fitness improves and you approach the summer.

A couple more things….

Turbo trainers are very noisy and the acoustics in the room do make it quite challenging to hear.  I like to explain things (even though I know you trust me implicitly!) so if you do not hear something please please say as it’s very important to me that everyone gets the most out of these sessions.  Likewise, if you’re not sure why I have said something then please ask me to explain myself as there are so many opinions out there that we certainly don’t want things to get more confusing!

Please email me if you have any questions: or see you on the 5th!

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