Kent Fitness League Match 1 Knole park results

Knole park presented a particularly picturesque landscape on Sunday 25th October for the opening round of this season's cross country running league. It was warm and the sun was shining on the autumnal colours for the 500 or so runners from all over the county. Despite the rain the previous night, the ground was not too slippery for 40 Sevenoaks athletics club competitors who romped home to victory in the mixed team and male team result beating 17 other athletics clubs. The female team also came 4th, greatly assisted by 7oaks tri members Cath Linney and Sally Mortleman. There were seven 7oaks tri members running for SAC:

49  46  Stephen Searby  52  37:03  Sevenoaks AC  85.29 
107  97  James Baker  50  39:34  Sevenoaks AC  68.63 
116  8  Cath Linney  46  39:45  Sevenoaks AC  95.33 
159  138  Andy Evans  45  41:34  Sevenoaks AC  55.23 
163  142  David Lobley  50  41:40  Sevenoaks AC  53.92 
194  25  Sally Mortleman  49  43:10  Sevenoaks AC  84.00 
204  175  Duncan Cochrane  58  43:19  Sevenoaks AC  43.14

The next match is on Sunday 8th November, starting at 11:00, just up the road in Swanley park.

SAC came 2nd in the league two years ago, losing by 1 point to Dartford harriers. Could 7oaks tri help them to victory this year?

Full results here:


wow - what a good team!