Swim Sets Week 18 and video of good swimmers

Great swimming at the pool last night. Nearly every lane hit the tough split times we asked for.

A couple of people asked for links to video of good swimmers.

There are many, many examples. Here’s the one British Triathlon use as an example. Jono van Hazel. I think Tom would probably say he’s ok too.

More controversially here is Shelley Taylor-Smith (starting at about 2:30 thru the video). 7 Times World Marathon Swimming Champion. She’s what Swimsmooth and BTF call a “swinger”. It can be a very effective style in open water and you’ll see Jan Frodeno (Kona champion) amongst others using this style too. It works well in choppy water and in a wetsuit. More of this next Wednesday.

I need to collect feedback from the Wednesday night sessions for my BTF Coaching Qualification. Please could you send any comments to clubcoach@7oakstriclub.co.uk. I'm sharing that e-mail address for a few weeks for that purpose.

Tom's Friday/Sunday sets to follow.