Inter Club TT - Tonbridge Q10/19 (GS Avanti)

7OaksTri again took down the Inter Club TT on Saturday with 5 in the top 7 riders.

Conditions were good so times were fast. Neil Harris clocking an eye watering 20:14. That is very close to setting off speed cameras in built up areas.

It was Sam Glover's first TT. A very short 24 a well deserved reward.

Andy Ten-broeke brought the wrong shoes and still managed to beat most of the field without his feet clipped in!

Andy Evans got a pb on his birthday.

We extended our lead in the inter club competition - Sevenoaks Tri-Club - 111, Sydenham Wheelers CC - 60, GS Avanti - 56

In the Club Competition, Neil Mc eked out his lead in the men's competition with 23 points, Sam Begg and Andy Ten-Broeke are equal second with 18 points. The women's competition is a lot closer. Susan (20 points) is leading Val by one point. Janice is in 3rd place with 16.

The next event is in Grain on Saturday at 3pm. We are the organizers for this event so please come along to take part. See the club diary for details.

Results Table: 
1Niel Harris7 Oaks Tri20.14
2Jon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers20.50
3Andrew Ten-Broeke7 Oaks Tri21.09
4Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers21.10
5Sam Begg7 Oaks Tri21.11
6Chris Hansen7 Oaks Tri21.20
7Niel McInerney7 Oaks Tri21.30
8Sam DawkingsGS Avanti21.38
9Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers22.01
10Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti22.09
11Steve Walker7 Oaks Tri22.44
12Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri22.46
13Steve ThurgoodSydenham Wheelers22.47
13Matthew LucasSydenham Wheelers22.47
15Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers22.55
16Andrew SouthGS Avanti22.58
17Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers23.04
18Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti23.19
19Patrick NormanGS Avanti23.48
20Andy BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers23.49
21Sam Glover7 Oaks Tri24.01
22Susan Freeburn7 Oaks Tri24.12
23John Hollidge7 Oaks Tri24.24
24Chris DinesGS Avanti24.32
25Simon LumsdonGS Avanti24.51
26Andrew BetherswickSydenham Wheelers25.03
27Derek TaylorSydenham Wheelers25.34
28Martin DaveyGS Avanti26.06
29James HepplestonGS Avanti26.11
30Tony Lamoury7 Oaks Tri26.17
31Dave BettinsonGS Avanti26.32
32Chris MulfordSydenham Wheelers28.41
33Daniel StopherSydenham Wheelers30.21
34Janice Bailey7 Oaks Tri30.28
35Bob LoaderSydenham Wheelers31.09
36Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers31.14