University of Kent - Exercise Induced Asthma Study

At the University of Kent we are currently carrying out some research looking at the diagnosis of Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction (EIB). EIB is a form of exercise induced asthma and occurs frequently in athletes. In fact, we have recently found that around 80% of GB swimmers and around 30% of Premiership footballers have EIB. 
By screening athletes for EIB we have found that often symptom based diagnosis is not accurate, leading to athletes without EIB taking inhalers that they do not need and those who do have EIB but who do not recognise the symptoms being left untreated and at risk of worsening of EIB severity and reduction in physical performance. With appropriate treatment it has been seen that athletes have improved respiratory health and performance.
We are looking to recruit healthy, physically active male and female participants. An information sheet is attached to this email which contains further details. The study consists of 2 visits; one visit will involve a full respiratory assessment including a 6 minute dry air breathing challenge which is currently used as the standard way to screen for EIB (normal price £216). In the other visit the breathing challenge will be replaced by a 6 minute exercise test in a dry environment. Each visit will last approximately 60 minutes. You will receive full detailed reports of your results.
All testing will be conducted at the University of Kent Respiratory Clinic which is in Medway Park Sports Centre in Gillingham. Testing times are flexible so can include evenings & some weekends.
Some more information can be found regarding the respiratory assessment:
If you would be interested in taking part, or finding out more, please contact me on

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