Results from Inter Club TT 26 May 2016 East Peckham

Fast night. No/low wind, quite warm and flat course brought everyone out. We had 47 riders, which may well be a record for one of these events.

Sydenham had a good night scoring 44 points, GS Avanti 27 and 7OaksTri 20. The new totals are now 7Oaks 181, Sydenham 147, GS Avanti 129. Club competition points tally to follow.

Unfortunately we had to turn some people away. Probably 5 or 6, including some 7OaksTri members.

I hope you all agree with our decision. Rider safety must always be our first priority. The CTT South East Handbook 2016 says “last person should be able to finish within 5 minutes of”… 20:28. With an average finish time of around 26 minutes and some later starters taking over 30 minutes, there was only space for around 45 riders with a 7:15 start. In fact the last rider finished very close to 20:30. Conditions were pretty marginal at that time. Riders without lights were not very visible at all.

Looking at the results, there must be some new PBs there. If you recorded your best ever 10 last night, please let us know by commenting below.

Next Event is June 2nd at Cudham run by Sydenham Wheelers.


Results Table: 
1Ben WimporySydenham21.18
2Mark NewtonSydenham21.44
3Richard TullySydenham22.07
4Richard BirtwhistleSydenham22.26
5Neil McInerney7OaksTri22.35
6Kevin GrimshawGS Avanti22.45
7Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti23.12
8Lee StaplesGS Avanti23.17
9Steve Walker7OaksTri23.28
10Andy Evans7OaksTri23.48
11David TwinSydenham23.57
12Fergus ClinchSydenham23.58
13Shaun Mullen7OaksTri24.02
14Marek SasuraGS Avanti24.06
15Sam Bennett7OaksTri24.12
16Lizzy Brama (W)Sydenham24.13
17Andy SouthGS Avanti24.13
18Tom Roff7OaksTri24.14
19Doug BentallSydenham24.43
20Dave Lobley7OaksTri24.54
21Jon Hollidge7OaksTri25.13
22Mark BishopGS Avanti25.41
23Hamish BrownGS Avanti25.47
24Luke EdwardsSydenham25.48
25Chris DinesGS Avanti25.53
26Duncan Cochrane7OaksTri26.00
27Val Place (W)7OaksTri26.18
28Jo McRae (W)Sydenham26.20
29Joseph MulhallGS Avanti26.30
30Martin DaveyGS Avanti26.33
31Alan JarrettGS Avanti26.45
32Simon ClarkeGS Avanti27.04
33Andy CovingtonGS Avanti27.05
34Nick PatonGS Avanti27.16
35Alan Lewis7OaksTri27.18
36Phil HookwayGS Avanti28.04
37R HillSydenham28.24
38Claire Clarke (W)GS Avanti29.06
39Dave BettinsonSydenham Wheelers29.44
40Claire Watson (W)GS Avanti29.52
41Ella Pyman (W)7OaksTri29.55
42Daniel StopherSydenham31.02
43Dave MulfordSydenham31.24
44Peter Conway7OaksTri31.54
45Bob LoaderSydenham32.36
46Georgie Butler (W)7OaksTri33.13
47Rich WilsonGS AvantiDNF