Call for Dragon Boat Race Team Members - Chipstead Lake 29th August

Allan is looking for team mates (friends) for the Dragon Boat Race taking place on Chipstead Lake on August 29th (also known as Bank Holiday Monday).

Approximate running time is 9:30am ("training") followed by the heats. Winners of heats progress to the business end and compete to win. Allan may have suggested 7oaks Tri Club would stroll to victory.

When the races cease the drinking starts - if it hasn't already - at the Bricklayers Arms.  

Boat costs approx £350 or so, team of 15-20 ish but a little bit TBC (1 of whom is the drummer) - were it split 20 ways, simple arithmetic reveals that makes £17.50 a person - if you're interested make yourself known to Allan (not Lewis - lovely guy but not relevant in this case).

See you at swimming

Allan McPherson