East Peckham 9 June

Conditions were good again at the East Peckham course on Thursday night, helping a few of our girls and the rapidly improving Shaun Mullen to attain pb's. Sam Begg's run of bad luck continued for a third week in a row, picking up a puncture.

After 8 (of 22) Rounds in the Club Competition Neil Mac and Andy Evans are in equal 1st with ATB in 3rd. Val still leads the women chased by Susan and Ella.



Results Table: 
1Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers21.35
2Sam DorkingsGS Avanti22.12
3Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers22.41
4Martin Brown7 Oaks Tri22.49
5Stephen Searby7 Oaks Tri22.54
6Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers22.56
7Sam Bennett7 Oaks Tri23.04
8Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti23.14
9Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri23.36
9Shaun Mullen7 Oaks Tri23.36
10Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers23.41
11Lizzie BramaSydenham Wheelers23.52
12Tom Roff7 Oaks Tri23.57
12Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers23.57
13Marek SasuraGS Avanti23.59
14Charlie Mortleman7 Oaks Tri24.09
15Mark BishopGS Avanti24.10
16Doug BentallSydenham Wheelers24.19
17Johnny Edwards.GS Avanti24.45
18Simon HeatonGS Avanti24.58
19Sally Mortleman7 Oaks Tri25.00
20Susen Freeburn7 Oaks Tri25.14
21Peter Conway7 Oaks Tri25.23
22Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri25.30
23Luke EvansSydenham Wheelers25.35
24Val Place7 Oaks Tri25.54
25Chris DinesGS Avanti25.59
26Hamish BrownGS Avanti26.21
27Nick PatonGS Avanti26.26
28Simon ClarkeGS Avanti26.30
29Jo McRaeSydenham Wheelers26.40
30Alan Lewis7 Oaks Tri27.14
31Phil HookwayGS Avanti27.19
32Dave BettinsonGS Avanti28.17
33Gabriela Mladenova7 Oaks Tri29.23
34Claire WatsonGS Avanti29.58
35Janice Bailey7 Oaks Tri30.07
36Bob LoaderSydenham Wheelers31.02
37Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers31.12
38Gill Saunders7 Oaks Tri31.24
39Georgie Bulter7 Oaks Tri31.25
40Glenda Goscomb7 Oaks Tri33.48
Sam Begg7 Oaks TriDNS