BTF South East club competition standings

Congratulations to the mixed team of Sam Begg, Cath Linney, James Baker, George Strong, Val Place and Jane Wiley for winning the mixed team competition at Ocean lake tri on Saturday!

It means that 7oaks tri club are now 2016 BTF south east mixed team champions as we have 3 wins in a row!

Congratulations also to the female team of Cath Linney, Val Place and Jane Wiley, also collecting the maximum 50 points on Saturday ahead of Tri-Surrey. We are leading the female competition with 140 points with Tri-Surrey in second place with 62.

The male team of Sam Begg, James Baker and George Strong came 4th to very fast competition from Medway tri, Tri-Surrey and Epsom tri. We are 2nd in the table behind Epsom tri and just ahead of Tri-Surrey.

A great turnout of 14 7oaks tri members means that we are leading the 'mob' competition with Tri-Surrey in second who had 12 members at Ocean lake. The mob competition is the total over the whole 5 rounds of the series.

The Male, Female and Mixed competitions are the best 3 scores from the 5 round series. There are two rounds left:

Redhill sprint triathlon on Sunday 21st August

Southwater relays on Sunday 4th September

IMPORTANT: For our Southwater teams, please can you put '7oaks' before or after your team name so that the BTF know it is a 7oaks tri team :¬)



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