Bewl Sprint & Standard Triathlons Sunday Aug 7th

This has become a popular event for the club - less than 40 mins to get there - friendly organisation  and a relatively scenic course. The bike ride is now safer than when it started - thanks to a well marshaled 'foot down' requirement when accessing the short spell on the A21. However it is not fast - there are a couple of short but steep climbs on the bike and climbs + steps on the run - which you do either 2 x or 4x depending which distance.Unusually there are 3 transition times - including the run up from the lake and the time in T1.  My only complaint was by the second lap of the bike there were a lot of cars - and cyclists were held up by cars being held up by cyclists ahead. But lots of grub at the end and free pics to download. 
Sprint            Category      Gender Position               Time 
Simon Gresham            2nd        9th                 1.11.10
Mat Wall                        20th       67th               1.29.40
John Bacon                   1st         107                1.53.05
Jane Wiley               1st         5th          2.43.19
Glenda Goscomb    2nd        18th        3.00.03
Sean Kelly               n/a         28.56 swim  and 1.14.50 bike - had to DNF due to a calf injury but great swim and bike