Committee Members

Sevenoaks Tri Club Committee

The 7Oaks Tri Club Committee consists of the following personnel.  If there is anything you would like to discuss with any committee member on any Club matter please feel free to ask in person or via e-mail.  The Club core values are ENJOYMENT, TRANSPARENCY and EQUALITY.  Committee members will always try to apply these values in the activities they undertake on behalf of the Club.


Kim Moss - Chair (


Andrew Evans & Peter Williams - Vice-chairmen (



Lawrie Procter - Club Secretary (


Dave Lobley - Treasurer (


George Strong - Webmaster (

Debbie Munton - New Members Rep (

Ness Gilmartin - Swim Rep (

Griff Murphy - Run & Club Governance Rep  (


Glenda Goscomb - Cycle Rep (

Alan Lewis - Child Welfare Officer (

Lousie Strong & Georgie Butler - Social Secretaries (

Helping the committee

Gabi Mladenova - Kit Rep (