Competitor Information

Hopefully training is going well and you are looking forward to the race! Here are the key pieces of information:

  • Competitor information covering all the important aspects for race entrants for 2019 is now available HERE.
  • Race numbers and start times are available here but have also been emailed to you individually.
  • Before competing please make yourself aware of the BTF rules.
    • The full 2019 BTF rules are availale here.
    • An overview of changes to the BTF rules for 2019 is avaliable here.
    • A summary of the BTF rules is available here.


Our BTF race permit is available here.

For those competitors who are not BTF members please see your day race licence here that has already been paid for as part of your entry fee.

We are pleased to say our photographer for 2019 is again Sussex Sport Photography. Photos for 2019 will be available after the race at

Results for 2019 will be posted here as soon as possible after the race on the separate results page.

Any questions you may have not covered by the information above please email