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Pass on my thanks to the entire team who organise the Tri event yesterday, it was again a fantastically well organised and professional event and a joy to take part in.  I am ever so grateful to you all for arranging this event which is now an institution but also a wonderful benchmark for many of us for fitness.  As you know I have been taking part most years since 1985 (I missed a few when our children were born) and made so many friends through training and by seeing them every year competing at this event.  


Just want to say thanks again to all involved. This race puts the big money spinners to shame really. It's faultless. Everyone's super friendly out on the course and with lots of encouragement. 

As for the weather, yeah it was a bit fresh on the bike but that run sure as hell warms you up. 
And how in God's name did people get DQ'd (or put themselves in a position to DQ) with that footdown?! It could not have been clearer could it without kicking you off your bike at the junction. 

Roll on next year.




Thanks to all the organisers, marshalls for a great event on a cold sunny Sunday. The sev tri just gets better every year, which is perfect because I get worse every year!


Thanks for a fantastic event. 


The Sevenoaks Tri was my first tri.  I loved it.  Everyone was super friendly and supportive.  The bike and run courses were both beautiful and suitably challenging.  Very appreciative of the club, and particularly the race volunteers, for hosting.  Well done on a fab event.


Another great event please send my thanks to everyone involved, especially the marshalls who calmed me down as I was running so late.  I think I eventually started my swim an hour after my allotted time.  Thank you to your mechanic who fixed my breaks too.

I have competed in the last 5 triathlons, Shipbourne hill just doesn’t get any easier, but hopefully I will be back again and on time next year.


Thanks to all volunteers for making the 2016 race such a great start to the season.


This was my 11th time at Sevenoaks. The 2015 race seemed to have lost a little bit of the sparkle which had made previous races such great events – the 2016 race certainly recovered some of that lost ground. Little touches like the return of music over the PA system contribute so much to the atmosphere. Having names on race numbers, and Marshals who offer encouragement accordingly is greatly appreciated by all athletes - irrespective of ability.


Looking forward already to 2017…


A big thank you to everyone involved in putting on Sunday’s race. These races take a lot of organisation and commitment and I know that all of us at Dartford and Whiteoak Tri had a great day.


Although a beautiful sunny day it was also very cold, I don’t like the cold, but that didn’t spoil the enjoyment of the race. The marshals as usual were brilliant and friendly especially in the park, just where we need it when the going is tough.

The only thing I didn’t like were two things in the swim. The first being held up by a girl doing breast stroke. I thought they had a separate lane, but that wasn’t so bad. The second was after the girl finished the guy who got in was clearly way too fast to be in at 07:45. He must have been a 5 min 400 metre swimmer. He came past me so fast and cut over across me so early that had I not stopped dead in the water he would have kicked me in the head. As it was he ended up kicking my arms. I really didn’t appreciate that.


But aside from the above niggle it was a great day and I look forward to next year.


I recently competed in the 7 Oaks Tri and just wanted to say how fantastically ran I thought this event was. This was the first triathlon I had done and was initial worried about it having a bit of an elitist feel. It was anything but! Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. What a great welcome to the sport!


In particular, I loved the encouragement from marshals as well as the laid back feel to the event. This has made me want to continue to  enter other events. Also love that photos are free! Usually you are charged extortionate amounts for photos and think it's a nice touch that you can download these free. 


Thanks for an exceptionally well organised and welcoming event! 


This was my first triathlon and I absolutely loved it. Will definitely be back next year.


I just wanted to give you my feedback regarding this year's race. I last did the Tri in 1990 (as I heard the commentator say when I went out on the run!) I was actually in Tri7 then & helped with organisation. I did my last triathlon in 1994 than I had some serious injuries, until I started doing sprint tri's in late 2014 again & I have to say that without exception, all of them (eleven in total) have been organised superbly - things are much improved overall now but the level of organisation of your event was incredible! 

Absolutely everything was spot on, I simply cannot see any room for improvement on any aspect of it whatsoever & it is the event that other Clubs & organisers should aspire to match. 

Well done to everyone involved, thanks from all of us competitors for putting on such a great race. 

Fit a Stannah Stairlift from Knowle Park to the leisure centre car park & you just might see me again.


Thank you once again for an absolutely fantastic race, the organisation is superb. The marshalls and helpers were all brilliant from the briefing (how did he do it) to the little chap who was on his own by the Garden wall of Knole House.

See you next year



Just wanted to pass on my congratulations for organising such a fantastic event. This was by far the most well organised Tri I have participated in. The marshals need a special shout out, very friendly, cheerful and their shouts of encouragement was really appreciated. I hope to return next year.Thank you.
P.s That hill was a killer at the end!

Thank you, 7oaks... This is the BEST race and it is entirely down to your hard work, ability to work as a team and constant efforts to make it even better. I look forward to this race more than any other (yes, even more than the big glamorous ones). Special thanks this year to the lap counting marshal in lane 4 of the pool. I loved the fact that from 8 laps onward, he told me at every touch how many I had done - very reassuring, especially as I had done more than one race in the past (including, alas, this  one) when my laps have been miscounted.   Also, big kudos to Sussex Sport Photography. How do they manage to take such good photos? I've almost never had a photo I liked from another race. And It's just such a brilliant idea to be able to download all the photos for free.

Many thanks for all the arrangements, I really enjoyed the event. 
Great marshalling, clear and easy arrangements, and a great opener for the Tri season to come. Nice medal too. And the free photos is a very nice touch.

Hello, i enjoyed the race, well organised, thank you for that but i was not pleased that it took me three days and a lot of scrubbing to remove the stick on numbers from my leg and arm, next year I'll be asking for a marker pen alternative! 

First time doing 7oaks and was so impressed with how slick everything was. Great marshals, well organised and love the free photos. A must for the tri calendar.

Another well organised event, I think the free downloads of the photos are great and I assume that's why you didn't give goody bags out this year. It was a bit of a shame at the end that all you were given was 1 glass of water?! not a banana in sight! It seems you have gone one extreme to another which is a bit of a shame.

As always a well organised and enjoyable race, great location,
Council could do with repairing some of the roads! And no goody bag! I have lots of different draw string bags and yours have always been my favourite.



Dear Martin and the Team
Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who gave up their Sunday to assist with the Sevenoaks Triathlon yesterday.
It was my first time participating in any kind of event like this and I'd like to thank everyone involved for making us 'less experienced' finishers feel very much part of the event.
Although my two hour plus time was not the quickest, having Sevenoaks Tri as my focus provided me with a platform and mind set to introduce regular exercise back into my weekly routine - something I have not really done for the last decade.
Most importantly, it has given me a platform to build on for the rest of the year and into 2015.
Thank you to everyone at Sevenoaks Tri for cultivating such a unique and accessible event.
Kind Regards
Paul B

Thanks again for arranging another great event. The marshals were fantastic on the course and the organisation was as great as usual. My time was naff – but I’m blaming that on a cold I’ve had for the last week.
The reason for the email is that I believe my swim was an extra two lengths and my Garmin backs this up as I have consistent 25m times for 18 lengths. I think this is the second time this has happened to me at 7oaks in the last few years and I know it happened to a friend of mine at 7oaks last year. I don’t know what you can do about it, but thought I’d raise this with you.
Hope everything is cleared up ok and you’re able to sit back and feel pleased with a well-run event,
Andy C

Hi, I just wanted to express my thanks for all those who made Sundays race such a great experience for all the competitors. I completed the race some 12 years ago, in my first year in triathlon, and having taken a break from racing for a few years it seemed right to return to the race again, back at the beginning as it where. However the race has moved forward in the time I’ve been away; always a popular event but now significantly more so, I wasn’t prepared for the number of competitors or the slick feel of the registration and marshalling. That said the race has lost none of its friendly and personable atmosphere. There were many improvements from the more spacious transition area to the army of helpers, all keen to see everyone had a great race day experience.
Just one small point which might be worth a mention, on the bike course I misunderstood one of the marshals instructions at a road junction, my fault not his but perhaps a system of arm signals rather than just voice might help in future.
I highly recommended the event to some friends who competed this year; their first triathlon, and they both enjoyed the day and are keen for more; I’ll continue to recommend this excellent event to all.
Thanks again.
Robert S

I would like to express through you, my thanks to the lady marshal supervising Lane 5 at around 0640hrs.
This was my first triathlon, I was relatively confident with the cycle ride, and being a member of  Canterbury Harriers the run didn't overly concern me, but the swim.... I had practiced a couple of times a week
when able, since being accepted into the event. All this training went to pieces on the day, hence the 16 minute time. The lady marshal was very tolerant to my plight, offering encouragement, and I feel possibly regulating the traffic within the lane - no "come in number 13 your time is up".
I shall be entering again next year, training for the swim begins in earnest tomorrow!
I attended the event with three colleagues from our club, we all had a thoroughly good time.

Thank you.

Neil G 

Thanks for a great day on Sunday.
It’s always a tremendous event and so well organised.
One small comment though – the dividers between lanes in the pool were inadequate and the water very choppy indeed.  Please can you use the curly ones next time?
Charlotte C


Thank you for organising such a great tri - and thanks to everyone for their support. As a first timer who had not been able to do any training, it was very heartening to be supported.

And if possible, please pass on my thanks to racer no 19 who was very kind and helped me at the beginning, despite also having an early start time and needing to work out everything too.

Many thanks and best wishes

Katie G


Just to say thanks to you and my sponsors for letting me participate on Sunday. (I won't say race or compete as a distinct lack of fitness was evident!).

It took something like 15 years for me to return and it is still as hilly as ever on the bike, although I think the course has been changed as I was expecting one nasty hill in particular but found lots more shorter ones. Or maybe my memory is going. As for the road surface, thanks for the warnings.

I like the revised run route, even though I struggled with the first part and the infamous path to and from Knole Park.

Please pass on my thanks to all volunteers and officials and hope they didn't get too wet early on.

Hopefully I shall be back next year.

Steve M

Thanks guys for organising a great event as usual
Admittedly, it's not a race for getting a PB. However, for sheer variety on both on the bike and run, it's up there amongst the best. More importantly, it's the human touch that makes the difference. Everyone associated with the event was friendly and gave you encouragement, and I can’t think of any other race I have done where transition is 50 meters from the car park.
With kind regards
Nick B
Redhill CC

Thanks to the whole team for a great event yesterday, the only thing that could have been better was the starting weather, but then I was going to get wet anyway! :-)

I finally plucked up the courage to enter this year and I’m glad that I did. Great organisation and lots of on-route support from the marshals.
Hope to be able to take part again next year.

Martin W

Dear Val   first of all thanks for all your support, I really appreciate all the advice and help and the splendid massages! Despite a few problems - rain, slippery roads, falling off my bike into a bush when I came to dead stop on a hill and then "conking" as Helen would say near the end of the 8k [some one leading me by the hand like an old lady!] I actually improved my time from last year by 8 minutes. Each category, including transitions was better than last year, except the bike which was a minute slower. Thanks also to everyone in 7Oaks tri club especially all the marshals out there in the rain for hours. Belinda did exceptionally well - hope she changes her mind about giving up but she is young she will come back. Lucky girl.
kind regards   Maureen  F

The 2014 7Oaks Triathlon was my first ever triathlon, and I loved it. Thank you very much for having such a well organised and marshaled event. I was the first competitor around the bike and run course due to my very early swim start, and I received lots of encouragement and very clear directions around the route. I also loved the medal you handed out at the end. It looks and feels like a proper medal that someone put a lot of time and effort into designing.

Thank you!

Grant B

I did comment on Facebook, (very favourable!) so will only add:-

On the pre-race info you clearly stated that if swimmers use breast-stroke, to mention it to marshals/pool-side and a separate, wider lane will be allocated. In fact, lane 6 still had crawl swimmers and wasn't much wider anyway. I get slower swimming every year (whilst my bike gets quicker!) so would really appreciate a less busy, wider lane - ideally one all to myself! I did used to turn up very late in the old days just to get that privilege, but then stopped as it was a bit cheeky. Any suggestions/something you could consider for next year??

My on-going biggest grumble, along with many others, is that you chopped the Sept one!!!!

Otherwise, this is a fantastic, very well run event, which I enjoy completing every time

Jon C

Post on Facebook from Jon C - Very well run yet again, and we had some sunshine! I didn't run well; cycle was good though, thanks to Mark Evans, Martin Brown and all the other familiar faces year in year out who are so kind and efficient.

Thank you for organizing such a great event - I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be recommending to others (provided they register after me of course!). I look forward to joining again next year.

Thanks Harry W

Just wanted to say that this was my first Sevenoaks event and I loved every second. Great route. Amazing marshals. Having your name on your vest number was genius as everyone used my name in offering support and encouragement which made it hugely personal and it meant all the more. Will definitely be back. Thanks to all involved. You should all be very proud of an excellent event.


Matt L

My name is Mark L, an Evergreen who completed his 10th 7oaks on Sunday. A very good event. Superbly marshaled and efficiently organised.
One gripe however; I had to swim two more lengths. I popped my head up after 14 to be told I had 4 to go. I thought the young chap was wrong but I kept going. As you can see from swim time (9mins), it is precisely 2 30 second lengths longer than my other 9 attempts!
This is disappointing (pride only against ones friends).
If only the time could be amended....
I will back next year with luck as a super vet and hope for good (or lower) counting.


Fantastic event, hard & hilly though!
Probably the best & most thoroughly organised tri in the UK: marshals were brilliant.
Not your fault, but road conditions dreadful; like much of the UK! Maybe the local authority will put it right for you by next year?
Robert Br

Thanks again for another brilliant race guys!

Jim O

Additional comments on FaceBook…

 -from Louise S -   Thank you all for such a great well organised race ! And a big thank you to all the marshals who were so supportive. If only you could iron out all the hills....

from Robin B -  A great Triathalon . Although we came to just watch and support, it was great to see so many old faces . People were so friendly and it was organised so well. Maybe next year if I can get in!

from Jon D - thanks to all of the Sevenoaks team for organising a brilliant race