Competitor Information

Hopefully training is going well and you are looking forward to the race! Here are the key pieces of information:

  • Some reminders for 2018 are here 
  • Competitor information covering all the important aspects for race entrants for 2018 is here
  • Before competing please make yourself aware of the BTF rules.  The full BTF rules are available here.  An overview of changes to the BTF rules for 2018 are avaliable here.  A summary of the BTF rules is available here.
  • The start list for 2018 is now available.


Key for this year: please allow extra time for parking as we do not have the same nearby parking capacity as in previous years (explained in the competitor information).

We are pleased to say our photographer for 2018 is again Sussex Sport Photography. Photos for 2018 here.

Results for 2018 will be posted here as soon as possible after the race on the separate results page.



Every year we publish anonymous feedback from competitors. We take this feedback very seriously and try to continuously improve our event. We would like to thank all of our competitors particularly those who provided input. 

  • Just want to say thanks again to all involved. This race puts the big money spinners to shame really. It's faultless. Everyone's super friendly out on the course and with lots of encouragement. As for the weather, yeah it was a bit fresh on the bike but that run sure as hell warms you up. Roll on next year.
  • Thanks all for the brilliant organisation. Very slick and everything worked perfectly.
  • I wonder if we might do more local promotion of the event to get a larger crowd in future years?
  • Another very well organised event from start to finish, thank you.
  • It was a little warmer than previous years!
  • Many thanks for another slickly organised event. I'm still trying to get to a magic 1hr 45m, but the clock seems stuck around 1:47! It's an age thing I think.  
  • One thing I have got stuck on each year is getting to my location in transition without faffing around looking for landmarks (trees, colour towels, etc...) This year I managed to pick up the wrong aisle entirely after coming in from the bike. How about having clearly indicated 'zones' in transition, with sections indicated by numbers or coloured flags? Or at least a "row 1, row 2, row 3....." signed at the end of the rows. Maybe there were and I just missed it?!  My senior moments in transition bewilder even me.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the race although it was tough.
  • All the Marshals were so helpful and made it a brilliant day. Please thank them for giving up their time.
  • It is 11 years since I last raced at 7oaks and it was even better than I remembered 
  • I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Sevenoaks triathlon. As my first ever attempt at a Tri, I was really nervous and concerned that I would stand out as a beginner amongst the "real" triathletes as they went flying past me. But this wasn't the case at all.
  • The race was beautifully organised and staggered so efficiently that the right people were in waves together.
  • The marshals were also so helpful and encouraging, standing in the cold  but clapping and cheering everyone as they went past.
  • Thank you so much, I shall definitely be back next year!
  • Thank you Sevenoaks tri club for your amazing organisation again.  It was my third year at the event and I was yet again impressed with how enjoyable it was.  Sally was, as ever, a welcome smiley face at the highest point (which is of course the lowest point too!) and Mike's commentating kept me motivated through those transitions and up to the finish.   I didn't know the other marshals personally but they all did a fab job.   A great day competing - thank you!
  • Only improvement would be to stress the foot tapping and passing etiquette in the swimming - I've been caught out twice with people who don't let you pass and know several others who have had the same.  It's a small thing but maybe more emphasis in the briefing would help.  
  • Quick note to thank you and the team for the event last weekend. It was my first Sevenoaks tri and I hope it won't be my last!
  • Thanks for some excellent organisation.
  • Just wanted to say thank you for organising such a great event yesterday.  The course directors and marshalls worked tirelessly to ensure a really fantastic experience for everyone who participated.  Despite the brutality of the run!  We'll be back next year!!
  • Overall, it was a fantastic event - probably the best organised club triathlon we have been to.
  • Pass on my thanks to the entire team who organise the Tri event yesterday, it was again a fantastically well organised and professional event and a joy to take part in.  I am ever so grateful to you all for arranging this event which is now an institution but also a wonderful benchmark for many of us for fitness.  As you know I have been taking part most years since 1985 (I missed a few when our children were born) and made so many friends through training and by seeing them every year competing at this event.