The Evergreens group was formed in 2011 for athletes who had multiple finishes at the 7Oaks Triathlon.

As a result of the number of Evergreens being far larger than ever envisaged, the qualification criteria was changed in 2014.  The criteria for Evergreens is now 10 or more finishes at the 7Oaks Triathlon.

Anyone already registered as an Evergreen (see current list ) will continue to be an Evergreen.  Those with less than 15 finishes will be given an early opportunity for entry to future 7Oaks Triathlons, and those with 15 or more finishes will be guaranteed a place for future races.

All Evergreens receive a special medal when they become an Evergreen. You can see a pictures of this great momento here and here.

If you have any Evergreens queries, or would like to register as an Evergreen, please email evergreens@7oakstriclub.co.uk.