Pool Swimming

Covid Swim Information

Swim Sessions at Wally Hall

As we cannot operate our "normal" sessions due to Covid-19 there will be three sessions per week at Wally Hall during August.

Day Time Led By
Monday 5:30pm – 6:30pm Led by by Jane/Val
Wednesday 8:30pm – 9:30pm Led by Tom
Friday 8:30pm – 9:30pm Led by Tom

The maximum number of swimmers we can have in the pool at any one time is 24, so we will be operating a booking system on a first come first served basis. To keep things equitable, you will only be able to attend one session per week. If you find we are not filling all the spaces then may book another session but those booking their first session that week will get priority over you so you may be pushed off the list.

For the first week we will be limiting numbers to 18 as we stress test the process and ensure that the new procedures can be correctly & safely followed.This will be 3 people per lane.

Booking is via our booking website and your personal link to get access will be sent to members via the club newsletter soon. The booking system will show sessions for the next week the preceding Saturday and the booking for each session will close 2 hours before the swim start time. This is to allow the coaches to plan who will be swimming in which lanes. Please do not attend if you have not booked – you will not be permitted to swim if you are not on the list.

If the slots are oversubscribed, you will be placed on a waiting list. If you cannot attend a session you must remove yourself from the list well before the slot closing time, this will allow others to move from the waiting list into the vacated slot. You will receive an E Mail notifying you of this but we do recommend that you check the list before you head to the pool.

We will be keeping a record of anyone who has booked a slot and not attended the session. Unfortunately, will be removing any repeat offenders from the booking system.

Before booking your slot you will be required to certify that you have not had any Covid Symptoms. This will be an online declaration rather than a signed form – you will be certifying. See the declaration tab for the wording that you will be agreeing to.

Covid-19 and Risk Awareness Declaration

I confirm I am free from any symptoms related to the Covid-19 virus, I understand the main symptoms include:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

I am also confirming all in my household remain symptom free, and anyone taking me to or from training and attending my training session with me is also symptom free from the virus.

By making this declaration, I confirm that for any future training sessions I will only attend in the full knowledge that I am free from any Covid-19 symptoms. In addition, but conversely, I confirm by making this declaration that if I do display any symptoms I will not attend training for a period of at least 14 days and follow government guidance to self-isolate. 

I return to training knowing that my participation cannot be without risk, I am therefore aware of these risks associated with the Covid-19 virus, but still wish to participate in club training.

I understand the processes and protocols 7Oaks Tri club have put in place in order to reduce risks and I will adhere to these in order to protect my health and the health of other members, staff and other users of the facility.


You must enter via the main entrance and park at the top car park. Please ensure that you leave enough distance between you and the person you are parking next to.

Route into and out of the pool

From the car park you will walk down the stairs at the back of the pool, along the walkway to the usual door. There will be 2m markers along the route and you must queue until you are advised to enter the building. Swimmers must remove their shoes in the foyer, then use the hand sanitiser provided and proceed directly to the pool using the right hand door before the changing rooms, where you should place your belongings on one of the benches provided. There is one bench per person. You will leave from the same door but proceed up the stairs opposite the entrance and walk along the side of the school building to the car park.

Changing Room/Toilets

The changing rooms will not be in use and you must arrive at the pool ready to swim. We advise you to shower before you arrive, but there will be 3 showers available for use before the session if you require. We would also advise you to shower when you get home. There will be 3 showers available after your swim, but you are not permitted to use shower gel or shampoo etc (this was an existing rule which we have been asked to adhere to). You should be prepared to towel dry at your bench and put your clothes on over your swimming costume/trunks. Shoes should be put back on in the foyer and members should leave immediately.

You are permitted to use the toilet facilities, however only one person per toilet block at one time is permitted. You must tell the coach if you have used the toilets as we will need to inform Wally Hall.

Entry into the pool

There will be a one-way system in operation. You must remain at your bench until the coach calls your name and tell you which lane you have been allocated and which end you should start from. There will be six lanes in operation.

Please see the diagram below, taken from Swim England’s Guidance document. Note that everyone will be swimming in a clockwise direction and you must always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another swimmer. (Our permitted numbers will be less than the diagram suggests)

General Guidance for Swimmers

Follow the coach’s directions for entry and exit to the pool.

Do not make physical contact with other participants, this includes tapping toes.

Do not overtake whilst swimming. Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching.

Please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length.

Coaches will publish their sets before each session and will indicate what equipment might be needed. Please ensure that this is named and clean and placed at the end of the pool that you have been directed to start from and away from another swimmer’s equipment. You must not share equipment.

Stay hydrated by bringing your own ‘pre-filled’ water bottle on to poolside during your swim. Do not allow anyone to share your water bottle.

You are permitted to stop for a rest after completing your swim set but please be mindful of any other swimmers who have not yet completed the set. Keep yourself to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall, turning head away and allowing others to maintain social distancing.

You should aim to finish each set at the end of the lane that you started from. Ensure that, while resting, you maintain a safe distance between yourself and the other swimmers in your lane. If required you may stand by/rest on the lane ropes to your left (facing the shallow end).

Final message from your Swim Rep and Committee

We are all keen to get back to our pool swimming but hope you understand that we have to follow the protocols set by Wally Hall, which themselves are in response to government requirements as well as those set out by the BTF. 

Please be patient while we try to make this work as best as we can.  Initially the swim sets may be more “simple” than we are used to but we are hopeful to see a quick progression to something we are more used to following.  We have no intentions of introducing any club restrictions in addition what we have to have in place.  See you in the pool.

Coached Pool Sessions

Please note that pool sessions are not available at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions. Look at the Covid Pool swims tab for info

We offer 4 weekly coached swim sets throughout the year following a swim plan of different phases to build up endurance for events and build on technique in the off-season . Our head swim coach, Tom Macklin, has been with us for a number of years and is supported by David TrumanVal Place, Jane Wiley and Emma StJohn.

Day Time Where More Info
Sunday 5:30pm-7:00pm Sevenoaks School 1½ hour session. Swim set on Club Members Facebook group
Tuesday 8.00pm Leisure Centre 1hr session. Swim set on Club Members Facebook group
Wednesday 8.30pm Wally Hall 1hr session. Swim set on Club Members Facebook group
Friday 8.30pm Wally Hall 1hr session. Swim set on Club Members Facebook group

Pool locations

Wally Hall

Post code for the school is TN13 3UL. Park in the school car park. The pool is at the far end of the car park at back of the school.


Sevenoaks Leisure Centre

Post code TN13 1LW. Entrance is from Suffolk Way at end of the High Street. Park in the Leisure Centre car park for a small fee on on surrounding roads (look at the restrictions).

Sevenoaks School

The post code is TN13 1HU for the Sevenoaks School Sennocke Centre complex that contains the swimming pool. Park in the main car park just a short walk to the centre.


Tom joined 7oaks Tri club as swim coach in 2014, coming from a background of competitive swimming. As an athlete Tom competed to a high level, holding multiple top 20 national rankings within swimming and also competing in the European Open Water championships. In 2010, he failed in attempting to qualify for the Commenwealth Games trials by 0.02 of a second in the 50m butterfly event. Since joining 7oaks, Tom has implemented a structure that allows athletes that invest time and patience into their swim technique to perform to the best of their ability. This has also allowed many age group athletes to experience year-on-year improvements to their swim times. The rationale behind his approach to coaching is simple - adopting the best possible technique that an individual is capable of will allow them to swim faster and improve their efficiency - two critical factors for triathlon swimming. Since 2018, Tom has also led the clubs strength & conditioning sessions, with the aim of improving mobility and to support the requirements of athletes training 15plus hours per week. 


Dave has been coaching Triathlon for 3 years. He coaches swim, bike and run at the club. He competed for many years at all distances from Sprint to Ironman. Normally in the middle of the field. He qualified for the GB Age Group Team at long distance triathlon and duathlon. In addition to his club coaching, he coaches a small number of athletes 1:1. His athletes have completed over 15 IM distance events 2 qualifying for Kona. His team has had many GB Age Group qualifiers and a number of British Championship podiums. He is particularly interested in the science of coaching and has studied power, hrv and data analytics in some depth.


Hi I'm Emma. I've been a member at Sevenoaks Tri Club for about two years now, but I only do the a few swim sessions and also the run on Tuesday evening.  I have been swimming all my life and was part of Sevenoaks Swimming Club until I was about 19. I still coach for them regularly after you all swim on a Sunday. After much persuasion from Tom I decided it was time I got back in to the pool. I love swimming with the Tri Club, as its great being able to swim with some lovely people who always push you to work harder, although I was always a Breast stroker, so swimming front crawl constantly (and swimming more than 200m in one go) was slightly out of my comfort zone!. It was great when myself, Val and Jane were asked to cover Tuesday sessions as it meant we could all add a bit of variety to the sessions and I'm really enjoying it. Its great to meet everyone in all the lanes of swimming and help them to improve their technique or any issues they have. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'm always open to hearing feedback as well. Looking forward to seeing you all at swimming.


Hello, I'm Jane - I did my 1st triathlon a very long time ago in Canada - and after another very long time I picked the sport back up again.  I tend to focus on long course triathlon - my strength being endurance and my weakness, swimming! I have  quite a few BTF England and GB middle distance championships; a couple of ITU World Long Course Golds and a  Kona (silver) umeke to my name  (by 69 seconds, one of the few things I dont forget).  I am now focussing more on coaching and cycling. I coach at three clubs  - a range of ages and abilities  - as well as a small number of 1:1 coaching athletes. Coached athletes have achieved, and in all instances,  exceeded their goals including completing their first ever ironman, a  4th in an ETU sprint championship, a podium at ETU middle distance, qualn for ITU World Champs in standard distance and are now training with big goals to  learn, develop, be their best - and have fun. 


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